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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Headwear

Some earmuffs look good. Some look too big, too fuzzy, too bright, too flat, or like they were assembled behind a dumpster somewhere.

Some winter hats look good. Some look too tight, have a ridiculous looking pom-pom (or other silly decor), dopey earflaps, or hang limply. Of course that all depends on the look of the person who is wearing it. I always look awful in hats that are too small, because my head is small to begin with. I look like a Dum-Dum lollipop. And I don't like pom-poms much, period.

Now, these headband forehead warmer things I see people jogging with- uh, what's the point? Is that supposed to keep your head warm without making you sweat? I've tried it- they don't seem to work that well. My head just gets cold while I sweat under the band. Yuk.

I propose that everyone start wearing fuzzy gray hats with turned up earflaps. Khello, khomrade. :P
Either that, or pointy hand-knitted ones with dangly earflaps, Jayne style. :D



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