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Friday, December 09, 2011

To sciss or not to sciss

Scissors are amazing tools. They have been around for so long and been improved so much. They used to be entirely metal and not very ergonomic when I was in school. And I had pointy ones then, not safety scissors, and nobody worried about me running around with them. I stabbed myself and learned from it, the end. Nowadays, I keep scissors in almost every room in the house. My desk scissors are practically sacred; I panic if they go missing. Don't want them to be used to cut, say, a paper clip or something. I use the kitchen scissors to quickly chop up salad mix into bite size pieces. The bathroom scissors are excellent for haircuts done at home. I have scissors on my dresser, for sudden crafting urges; scissors on my pocket knife, and scissors on my keychain. Thank you, whoever invented scissors. (Now I need to look that up and find out who that is).



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